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Skaug (Fortified Town/ Island; Pirates’ Major Port)

Skaug is the only major island settlement that has reached the size of a town and welcomes others to it. Skaug can handle up to 40 ships at its docks, in addition to the 15 ships of the Skaug Corsairs, its defenders and primary hosts. The founder of this pirates’ port was Captain Skaug, a hooknosed pirate who used his money and three ships full of stolen lumber and supplies to build the settlement on a small island north of Ioma. Two hundred years later, this port is now a thriving town, making its money by catering to other pirates.

Population: 1,400 permanent residents (96% human, 4% other), though visitors can add up to 1,000 more people to the city; 300 others live elsewhere on the island. Major Products: Shipwrights, mercenaries; port amenities (rum, beer, ale, money-changing, gambling, festhalls, etc.).

Places of Note:

The Crow’s Nest Cliffs: These watch points on nearby islands are manned by well-paid scouts. Each of the six watch a separate sea lane that leads toward Skaug, and they each have identical magical horns that sound a larger horn set in the center of Skaug. By blowing different signals, the entire port knows of oncoming friends or foes.Since the inception of the Crowís Nests 50 years ago, not one ship of Amn, Tethyr, or Calimshan has successfully penetrated the islands to the port of Skaug.

The Corsairs’ Docks: Separate from the main docks, these are only for the Skaug Corsairs and their cutters and caravels.

Asavir’s Launch: This is a well-kept inn and festhall inside a beached ship on the western edge of town; more floors are built up between the masts.

The Apple Barrel: This tavern is owned and operated by “Parrot” Rockskipper ( known for his gossip and apple brandy. The tavern is attached to the Appleheart Distillery, which provides ale, rum, brandy, and other drinks; beware the low ceilings,

The Keelhaul: A popular rough-and-tumble tavern in which troublemakers are seized by patrons and bouncers alike and thrown down a central well in the taproom, which leads to a magically generated wind tunnel that blows the offender out the prow-fronted building and into the harbor 20 feet down the hill.

The Gibed Sail: This is a filthy tavern with a bad selection of drinks.


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