Sungaman was the younger of two brothers, both in line to succession to the powerful Chieftain Grohm, from the nether mounts. He grew to become Grohm’s favourite for taking over the role of chieftain, due to his martial prowess and tactical mind. His brother, Sholkan, on the other hand was a shrewd and viscous being and believed that the eldest would succeed in his father role. He took every opportunity to discredit Sungaman status within the community but never won the backing of his father.

When Sholkan became apparent that it was his brother who would take the role of chieftain he lured Sungaman away on the premise of a hunting trip deep into the mountains. Here he laid an ambush of his followers and mercenary hobgoblins. They fell upon Sungaman and left him for dead on a high mountain pass leaving his bloody body to the wolves and other foul carrion.

Sungaman did not die that day and although at near death, he was found by a razor claw druid by the name of Gentian storm flax who took him to her remote mountain domain.

Nursing Sungaman back to health, she realised the potential for this noble beast and began teaching him in some of the druidic ways and the path of Melora. He quickly became strong as did his devotion to Gentian and remained in this peaceful shrine to nature for many years.

Whilst out on a successful hunting excursion in the surrounding hills he came upon a gnarled and ancient blood oak tree* perched upon a craggy mountain outcrop. There clasped within an almost hand like branch of thorns was a golden Ram struggling to break free. The Ram pleaded with Sungaman to release him from its bonds in exchange for a gift. Using brute force only made the bonds grow tighter around the trees grasp. Exhausted and near defeat he heard the faint whisper of a voice mingled with the sound of the winds blowing through the leaves and realised that the blood oak like all living things was only after nourishment. Offering up his quarry of deer, boar and hares the tree finally relented and released the mighty Ram. As the Ram had promised he bestowed upon Sungaman the power to change into the form of the fearsome Ram whenever times were bad and the blood oak bestowed upon him the power of the oak sentinel for as long as it remained alive. Thereafter, Sungaman regularly brought offerings from his hunt to feed this mighty ancient being and saw that no harm fell upon the tree.

Gentian took an avid interest in the mysterious whispers that could be heard from whenever the leaves moved within the branches and spent many months trying to understand its voice.

One day Gentian came back from one such visit with grave anguish on her face. The blood oak had finally spoken to her and the news was far from good.

It had spoken of a great evil stirring in the world for its roots run deep and the winds travels far. It spoke of an evil that even in this remote place would not escape its reach. She implored Sungaman to go find this source and stop its action. Although it broke Sungamans heart to leave her, his devotion was such that he owed her his life and would lay it down if she so commands.

And theres also the matter of an old score to settle

*(blood oaks are carnivorous trees that absorb its prey through root tendrils after crushing their prey with mighty branch like arms. They can live for thousands of years.)


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