Afoot in Faerun

09 march 2010
It Begins

After reading the documents they found and deciding they were going to take up the mission, the party prepared to leave The Keelhaul Bar. As they did so, a cowled stranger attempted to barge his way past them to the door. As he attempted to push past Iorek Bystron grabbed him and attempted to pummel his intentions out of him. Seeing this fail, Ban Zan went with a more diplomatic route and offered to buy him a drink.

With a sigh the man sank onto a stool and revealed what he had been up to. It turns out that he got spooked as he overheard their plans to find the hidden pirate base. He was worried as he had been paid to scout it out for the pirates and was worried they would think he had sold them out if they were attacked. He then revealed the location of the base, provided that they took him to the mainland once the mission was underway.

Agreeing to this the party made their way into the country, taking to the top of a nearby hill to take their bearings. Realising it was the middle of the night and too dark to see anything, they set camp for the night. Next morning they caught their bearings and struck out for the camp.

Finding themselves in a position to make a suprise attack, they moved into position, Iorek unfortunately fluffing his approach and alerting the Pirates. The pirates quickly moved into view. There were two heavily armoured shock troops, a feral shaman and a mage. After a long battle, only the wizard remained. He promptly dropped to his knees and surrended to Davroar Angelbane interegations aafter which Davroar executed him. Which was a shame as he had forgotten to ask for the location to the base.

After much scouting they found the entrance set into the floor of the raised area and were faced with two options. Pick the lock, or kick it in.

Iorek Bystron chose the latter and kicked it in, then fell down after it, alerting the guards below.

Tune in next week.


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